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Faustix - OMG It's 2020
Breaking news
Updated 2021-10-18

#1 on the Danish album + vinyl charts with Fyr & Flamme (Universal)

Mastered Tungevaag x Echosmith x Tvilling (Warner)

Mastered Imanbek, Flo Rida, John De Sohn

Mastered Mads Langer, Aksglæde, Mattis, Nicklas Sahl, Kellermensch

Mastered Marcus.wav, Emma Nicoline, Lydmor, Cancun

4 spots on the Swedish Spotify Top 10

Mastered Christopher album (Warner)

Mastering philosophy

"Less is more."

Holger Lagerfeldt with 23 x Platinum + 3 x Gold Award for Martin Jensen - Solo Dance
Updated 2021-12-13

Latest awards

[Gold SE] Faustix ft. RANI - Crying In The Sun (Warner)

[Gold NO] Faustix ft. RANI - Crying In The Sun (Warner)

[Platinum] Hjalmer - Midt I En Drøm (Universal)

[Gold] Hjalmer - Dig og Mig (Universal)

[Gold] Christopher feat. Clara Mae - Good To Goodbye (Warner)

[Gold] Faustix & Litening - Genie In A Bottle (Warner)

[Gold] Christopher - Fall So Hard (Warner)

[Gold] Fyr & Flamme - Kamæleon (Universal)

[Gold] Noah - Kære Mor (CPH/Universal) Check out the credits page for more info.

Gear Grotto YouTube channel
Updated 2021-03-19

Newest gear

Tone Projects Kelvin
TC Electronic System 6000 Native
Mac mini 3.2 GHz 6 Core i7
Oeksound Soothe2
Tone Projects Unisum Mastering Compressor

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Tech tip

Logic Pro X compressor circuit types

This handy cheat sheet reveals all of the hidden parameters in Logic's compressor circuit types. More tips in the mastering FAQ.